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D u s t Giveaways F.A.Q.

We haven’t gone crazy or anything… We just took some time and took stock… We have some of the most loyal users imaginable. With all the options and varying services out there on the market to pick from… With all of our glitches, hitches, branding & rebranding mishaps, our downtime and slowtime and every other faux pas we’ve faced… Our users have stayed loyal and true… So now… It’s our turn… We’re giving back to you!

There are a couple of ways to win.

  1. You can nominate yourself or another user for doing something so amazing within the Dust community we want to put it on blast and give something away. From time to time we may give away great stuff!
  2. Our system will randomly generate winners.
  3. We’re working on integrating a system that rewards users based on public use. So if you’re active in the feeds, blast, or any of Dust’s other public features and/or services you’ll have a chance to win!

Check our giveaways page from time to time. If you’re a winner you’ll see your name featured. Just follow the prompts!

Absolutely not! We would never! We only select users from our public services. So if you’re only messaging privately you won’t hear from us. But if we see you interacting on the public feeds and using Dust’s other services where you can be seen, you can be sure we will see you. And we will say thank you for spending your time in the Dust messaging community.

Nopie… Nopie… Nopie… No catch… No strings attached!… Just our way of saying thank you for taking time out of your day and life to be a part of the Dust community. Thank you!

We give away all kinds of things with all kinds of value. It’s best to check with your tax preparer/tax preparation service to be sure you’re claims and filings are declared properly.

Nope!… Idea Box is separate and apart from the random giveaways we do. Idea Box was created because so many of our loyal users make great suggestions in their reviews, comments, and feedback and we wanted to offer a direct way to do that and to show our users we are paying attention to their thoughts and needs when it comes to the services we offer…

The free giveaways are just our way of showing some user appreciation. Consider it a thank you for spending time in your busy days using our products and services…