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Dust was created for you.

Not Big Tech and not the corporations they sell your info to.

So, if you’ve got questions, need help with the app, have a story to tell, or any issues at all, check out our support page for FAQs, and if you don’t see your answer there hit us up. We’ve got you.


The short version: be a good human being and you’re good to go. For those of us whose moral compass might need an adjustment or two, here’s what we mean:

  • DO NOT spam or friend users who are not your actual friends (that’s just weird)
  • DO NOT send nude or suggestive photos under the age of 18 (that’s illegal)
  • DO NOT send photos that involve any sort of criminal activity (that’s just dumb)
  • DO NOT bully or harass another user (don’t be an asshole)
  • DO NOT lie about your date of birth (be honest)
  • DO NOT impersonate somebody else (that’s wrong)
  • DO NOT engage in conversations with minors If you are over the age of 18 (that’s creepy)
  • DO NOT send threatening messages (again, don’t be an asshole)

If you are reported or caught doing any of the following, an investigation will be opened and you may be banned. And if you believe in karma, none of things above are going to help your cause.

In all seriousness, making sure our community is safe and secure is something we take very seriously. If you abuse the app or break any rules, we won’t hestitate to give you the boot.

Lastly, these rules may change as our service evolves (naturally).